We are a team of passionate instructors who conduct computer coding workshops for children and teens.

We believe that computer coding should be taught in a creative and fun way.

We aim to equip all in the community with coding skills for the future.

We provide flexibility in the teaching methods with online instructor-led or onsite group workshops.

We offer private coding lessions for customized learning programs.

Let your child learn computer science and master coding skills with ICanCode.

ICanCode Roblox Coding Program

For children Ages 7-12✔ Learn Lua programming in Roblox Studio✔ Two hours starter coding program✔ Interactive project based learning✔ Zoom support with an online instructor✔ Different levels of Roblox projects to work on

O Level/IGCSE Python Online

✔ Online instructor-led classes✔ Access to learning platform✔ Hands-on coding projects✔ Exam revision and practice✔ Small group size

ICanCode Online Coding Program

✔ Access to learning platform for interactive project based learning ✔ Four 90 min coding sessions with online instructor✔ Choice of Scratch, Roblox or Python

ICanCode Private Coding

Contact us for availability of time slots✔ Customized learning program with onsite or online instructor✔ Choice of Scratch, Microbit, Roblox or Python

Academic Tutoring for 0 Level / IGCSE Python or K-10 Computing


Our K - 10 Learning Pathway with UK Computing Curriculum