Workshop participants acquire coding skills through interactive project based learning with instructor-led teaching and support.

Classes are ongoing on a weekly basis and participants will advance their coding skills and computational thinking with continuous learning.

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  • Scratch Coding

  • Minecraft Mod Design

  • Roblox Obby Design

  • JavaScript Game Design

  • Python Game Design

  • Web Design

  • Computing With Micro:bit

  • O Level and IGCSE Python

  • Year 1-10 UK Computing Curriculum

Scratch Coding

✔ Create your own interactive scratch game!

✔ Learn the basics of Scratch coding

✔ Learn about programming logic, events, and block chains

✔ Create sprites and characters that will move and change

Minecraft Mod Creation

✔ Create a fireball shooting axe and repulsion shield!

✔ Learn Java Programming

✔ Learn about variables, functions, and conditional statements

✔ Create a custom designed axe, mob arena, and shield

Roblox Obby Creation

✔ Create your own Obby!

✔ Learn Lua Programming

✔ Use Functions, Commands, and Variables

✔ Create dangerous jumps, a kill block, and checkpoint block

JavaScript Game Design

✔ Create your own mobile game!

✔ Learn Javascript Programming

✔ Learn about variables, functions, classes, and conditional statements

✔ Create enemies, power ups, menus, and a player character

Python Game Design

✔ Create a survival game!

✔ Learn Python Programming

✔ Learn about Coordinates, Variables, Variable Types, and Classes

✔ Customize your Player and Enemy

Web Design

✔ Create and design your own website!

✔ Learn HTML and CSS Programming

✔ Learn about containers, links, nav bars, and CSS styling

✔ Create web pages, hyperlinks, text pages, and embedded videos